Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sponser Game Review: Alpha and Omega Tree Bark Sled Ride

The latest sponser game on Neopets is called Tree bark Sled Ride. The game promotes the upcoming movie Alpha and Omega. The game has three levels. In it you use the arrow keys to guide the sled. You want to collect golden wolves for points and avoid obstacles. You can play as Humphrey, Kate, Paddy, or Marcel.

The game kind of stinks in my opinion. The levels are very short. You cannot really see what is coming fast enough to move out of the way or to go towards to golden wolves. The bonus round after level 3 is even worse and basically ended with me losing points. Not only is it a annoying game control wise, but the points scored (about 250) do not make it worthwhile for quick Neopoints even.

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