Sunday, July 24, 2011

Search for Krawk Island

A few days ago Krawk Island disappeared making the new Neopets plot related to finding it. The only current thing to do seems to be searching the seas for Krawk Island, which can be done here.

To Search the Seas you click on the sector you want to search. You then get at least five tries to locate an island. If an island is located, the crew is happier and you get to search more in that area. Basically, you go until five tries that find nothing in the sector. You can search up to 10 sectors a day. The sectors you search remained checked off as you go, so eventually you search them all.

As you search for Krawk Island you can earn Neopets items, such as when finding islands or when you finish searching a sector.

Search the Seas is browser based, so I am liking that I can do it on my iPad, since I am on a road trip with limited opportunities to use my laptop with WiFi and play flash games.

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