Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Neopets Game and Challenge: Invasion Blastoids

The newest Neopets game has come out along with the new game challenge. The new game is called Invasion Blastoids.

This is sort of a Luxor style match 3 game.  I found it okay, but it gets frustrating with there being a lot of asteroids that block your path to shooting to match 3.  Also, too much of the area near the head just vaporizes your attempt and does nothing.  It also gets frustrating not knowing the things path and it making sudden turns and not being able to get an angle to get it.  Basically, it got too hard and annoying too fast.  My first attempt I did manage 30,000 something, but after that I could not even get 20,000 again.  Way too frustrating to even care about beating AAA for me.

To get AAA's prize you must score 50,000. To get Abigail's prize you must score 7,500. As always by default you get Abigail's prize if you have not gotten it yet and first beat AAA's score. The prize for beating Abigail is Blastoids Plushie. The prize for beating AAA is Precarious Placed Pillar of Meteors.

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