Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Neopets Advent Calendar Wrap Up

Total Neopoints: 23,266

Batttledome Items (1):
Snowager Sword (21st) 

Book Items (8):
Very Long First Day of Celebrating (1st)
Monsters of the Deep (2nd)
From Beyond: A Guide to Ghostly Giving (9th)
Dreaming of Candy (13th)
Who is Number Two? (20th)
Stealing Through the Holidays (22nd)
Im Not a Gift! A Christmas Kookiths Tale (24th)
The Big Book of Boochi (28th) 

Food Items (13):
Seagrass Tea (2nd)
Holiday Yooyu Gobstoppers (5th)
Chocolate Chunk Krawk Island Cake (7th)
Trident of Chestnuts (8th)
Plate of Wintery Caramel Apples (11th)
Misshapen S.M.E.L.T. Cookies (15th)
Vampiric Christmas Cookies (16th)
Super Size Borovan (20th)
Snowager Negg (21st)
Plain Fruitcake (23rd)
Plate of Christmas Kookith Cookies (24th)
Miniature Gingerbread City (26th)
Scalding Hot Soup (31st)

Gift Items (3):
Sand Sled (4th)
Faerieland at Christmas Postcard (14th)
Regurgitated Gift (27th)

Grooming Items (2):
Sand-Away Hair Gel (4th)
Grarrl Repellant (26th)

Instrument Items (1):
Seasonal Kiko Ocarina (3rd) 

Neocash Items (2):
Bigdby Shadingtons Hat (10th, also wearable)
Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widget 1-pack (10th)

Neohome Items (3):
String of Holiday Kiko Lights (3rd)
Ornate Faerie Pottery (14th)
Stone Christmas Tree (23rd)

Petpets (1):
Christmas Yooyu (5th) 

Toy Items (11):
Governors Mansion Playset (7th)
Bigsby Shadington Plushie (10th)
Sewage Surfer Wocky Holiday Action Figure (12th)
Kreludor Snowglobe (19th)
Snow Wars II - The Board Game (19th)
Holiday Hanso Plushie (22nd)
8-Bit Moehog Plushie (25th)
Baby Orgrin Rattle (28th)
Lord Faerigan Plushie (29th)
Thief-in-a-Box (30th)
Scourgies Covered Ixi Plushie (31st)

Wearable Items (20):
Sweet Dreams Sleeping Cap (1st)
Holidays on the Space Station Background (6th)
Holiday Tree Necklace (6th)
Underwater Fire (8th)
Ghostly Gift (9th)
Bigdby Shadingtons Hat (10th, also Neocash item)
Bigsby Shadingtons Wrench (10th)
Half-Filled Box of Holiday Decorations (11th)
Soggy Sewer Gift (12th)
Feather Wig (13th)
S.M.E.L.T. Holiday Garland (15th)
Count voo Roo Stocking (16th)
Pinchit Beanie (17th)
Stuck in the Lost Isle Background (17th)
Polar Chucks (18th)
Inside a Sandcastle Foreground (18th)
8-Bit Snowchomby (25th)
Cobrall Holiday Tree (27th)
Lord Faerigan T-Shirt (29th)
Holiday Thief Mask (30th)

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