Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Neopets Game Room Beta Live and Games Galore

The new Game Room Beta being referred to as the Game Machine is now active on Neopets.  This is a great looking redo in my opinion.  I think it really looks fresh, new, and more appealing.

The redo also includes the individual game pages having a new look.  This includes easy navigation to go back to all games, go to a category of games, go to the game list for a particular world, go to popular games, go to the day's featured game, and go to a random game.  The random game feature is especially fun if you cannot decide on a game to play.

Another part I really love about the redo of the individual game pages is the NP ratio now being displayed as 1 NP = how many ever points in the particular game.  This makes it so much clearer and easier for those that find the math to figure out the score to reach the max 1,000 NP per play difficult.

I also like the way the High Score box is displayed on the page for each game.  Oh and ho you favorites are shown under that box.

What do you think of the new Game Room Beta?

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