Monday, August 5, 2013

Neopets Daily Dare 2013: Day 7 - Skirmish

Today's Daily Dare Challenge is Skirmish. To beat Chadley you need a score of 6,400 points and to beat Abigail you need a score of 4,000 points.  Today's score to beat for AAA is 7,100 (Click the morse code under the challenger score to see this. Note: You need to first pick Chadley or Abigail to see it.).

Today is a Double Dare day, so if you beat Chadley today you also get Abigail's prize.

The prize for beating Chadley is Blank Sorcerers Scroll (Desert Scroll). The prize for beating Abigail is Sorcerers Skirmish Chess Set (toy).  The bonus prize for beating Chadley or Abigail on the day the challenge is released is Sorcerers Potion Set (Magic Item) or +2 defense to active Neopet.


Anonymous said...

What does the sorcerers potion set do? Is it better to take that or the battledome boost?

wildcat1001 said...

Not sure what it does, but the Battledoome boost is what I choose because I figure the item will at least be purchasable and probably not for too much since anyone can get it just by beating Abigail yesterday. It is the Chadley/AAA prizes that are more likely to end up expensive, since they are harder to earn.