Thursday, October 31, 2013

Neopets Better Than You: Korbat's Lab

This week's Better Than You features Blackwing. Below is his challenge statement.

"We've got reports that a hidden laboratory in the Haunted Woods is producing dangerous potions to ruin Halloween. I'm going to need your help going in. Watch your back – this place has more tricks than treats."

To beat her you must get 5,300 points in Korbat's Lab.

Prize is Voidberry Potion for the 500 winners. Additionally, you get a Gold Trophy and 20,000 Neopoints if you are one of the first 10, Silver Trophy and 10,000 Neopoints if you are between the 11th and 50th, and a Bronze Trophy and 3,000 Neopoints if you are between 51st and 500th.

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