Thursday, November 27, 2014

Neopets Game Master Challenge 2014: Day 3

Time for the yearly Games Master Challenge week on Neopets.

Day 3 Challenges:
  1. Mystery Challenge - Some claim that a land made entirely of jelly made its wobbly way into Neopia during Y5. Those who make such a preposterous claim would also have you believe that this challenge can be completed by submitting a very real score of 400 in this game. Submit a score of 400+ on Bouncy Supreme. Main Prize: Golden Jelly Hand Mirror
  2. Game Challenge - This snot-soaked menace began leaving behind a trail of destruction (among other things) all the way back in Y4. Salute this slimy scoundrel with a score of 12,000 in his game, which followed a few years later. Submit a score of 12,000 or higher on Snot Splatter. Main Prize: Guide to Snot Sculptures

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