Monday, January 4, 2010

Protect Your Smartphone for just $5

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When not playing Neopets, I am usually playing games on my iPhone (if only there was a Neopets game app!!!). I have had several different cases in the year and a half I have had the phone. Most worked great, but they eventually wore out. I had been looking for a new one right before Christmas, but instead ended up going with an external battery case, as I am always running my iPhone to red from playing games on it. If I was not replacing it was a external battery, then these personalized Apple & BlackBerry cases are something I would seriously consider trying.

The cases options nice silicone ones. I know silicone is not always the best protective case, but personally I love silcone ones for the feel and it offers enough protection for me. For those that are rougher on their smartphones, they also have them in hard plastic. They come in a wide variety of colors, which is something many designs I have seen lack.

The best part is the price. They are only $5 and that includes free engraving (yes, even on the silicone ones!). Shipping is offered free, too. I still am not sold on the silicone being not cracking, as every one I have had in the past has eventually done it, and worse they seem to always ended up stretched out after a while. However, even if they still have this flaw like all other silicone ones, the price makes it much more affordable for the length of use they tend to give.

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