Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Top 5 Play Again and Again Neopets Games

Over the years I have enjoyed many of the Neopets games, but there are only a few that I like to go back and play regularly. There are some I like to rediscover every once in a while, but only a select few do I like to play every chance I get on Neopets. This is a countdown to my number one pick for a good play again and again Neopets game.

5. Scarab 21: This may not seem like much of an exciting game for most and well it is not, but for some reason I find it a relaxing distraction game. Plus, it is a good game I can slowly play while doing other things and it does not require my sole focus like flash games tend to.

4. Typing Terror: Another not exactly action packed game, but I really have like typing games since I had one on a palm pilot when I was a kid. It does at least have some actual challenge to it with it getting quite quick paced near the end.

3. Sutek's Tomb: As a puzzle game lover there is not much in terms of puzzle games that are good replay value on Neopets in my opinion, but this is the type of endless puzzle games I love and I enjoy coming back to it regularly.

2. Turmac Roll: Another sort of relaxing game, but it is a flash game. The controls are simple and that is a big thing for me, as I hate having to remember too many keys to hit and such, especially if it involves letter keys. This game keeps it simple by just relying on the arrow keys, although there are some hard obstacles to jump over correctly, especially the three stumps in a row.

1. Kass Basher: This is my top play again and again Neopets game because almost every time I play games on Neopets this is one that I play. The reason is not that I find it really fun, but that it is a real quick way to get 3,000 Neopoints for me.

Your favorite play again and again Neopets game on my list? I would love to hear what your play again and again favorites are on Neopets no matter how much you agree or disagree with my picks.

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Sage Rose said...

Nice list, now I have to go on Neopets. I used to be addicted to Destruct-O-Match but don't play it as much now.
Not in any particular order:
Turmac Roll
Fashion Fever
Meerca Chase II
Imperial Exam
Adver-Video- not that it's really a game

I like sutek's tomb, but it rarely likes me!

Sage Rose | Opinionated Ant