Monday, October 18, 2010

The Faeries Ruin Plot - Part 3: Into the Fray

Note: This part of the plot is over and you cannot go back and do it at least at the time of this posting. I am just catching up and posting for a more complete look back at the plot later.

The third part of the Faeries Ruin Plot was a battledome part. I love the battledome plots and am happy to still have my pet with decent weapons to do fine at least with the puny guys in this wave.

There were three different enemies in this part of the plot. The easiest was the Shadow Wraith Minion, which you could beat up to 50 times to count towards your plot points, although you could keep beating him for fun and to get the wave prizes. The next hardest guy was the Shadow Wraith Brute, which had a cap of 40 for counting towards your plot points. The hardest in Part 3 of the plot was the Shadow Wraith Fury, which had a plot point cap of 30.

Task 1: A Winner Is You! - Good, you managed to avoid stabbing yourself. Now get back into the fight!
This was given for beating your first Shadow Wraith Minion.

Task 2: Stand Your Ground - A good defense is the best... defense.
This was awarded for using defend as your stance three times in a row while battling any of the Shadow Wraith.

Task 3: Five of a Kind - If this keeps up, we'll win this battle in no time.
This was achieved by beating five of each of the Shadow Wraith types.

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