Friday, September 24, 2010

The Faeries Ruin Plot - Part 1: The Artefact Theif

The Faeries Ruin plot was introduced earlier this week with the first comic chapter. The second chapter is now out along wit the first set of steps. There are three different tasks to complete under The Artefact Thief Fearless Deed (i.e. part) of the plot.

To complete the three tasks you play this simple game of moving one space at a time (can move in any direction next to you not blocked including diagonally) to collect green glowing items in Xandra's library. You also need to stay away from Xandra and not get caught. This is pretty easy. The only hard part is getting caught unexpectedly by Xandra's bolt, but you can avoid that happening by not staying on space that is lined up with here.

Task 1: Ohh, Shiny! - Pick up the artefact that started this whole mess.
This is easily completed as soon as you pock up the first artefact.

Task 2: The Task at Hand - Avoid being distracted by irrelevant fripperies.
Complete game by only picking up the glowing green items.

Task 3: Proximity Warning - Narrowly escape Xandra's scholarly wrath.
Complete the game with Xandra only two spaces behind you. This is completed by just moving around near the door until she is close to you and then clicking on the door to complete game. Make sure you do not end up being in her line of sight to get bolted, though.

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