Monday, October 18, 2010

The Faeries Ruin Plot - Part 4: Shhhhhhh!

Part 4 of the Faeries Ruin Plot was released with Chapter 7. In this part of the plot you have to put books in order on bookshelves and toss away books that do not belong on your bookshelf to the room they belong. The books go in order in different ways based on the numbers, shape, colors, etc. based on the category. The category is based on the symbol on top. Check out this guide for info on what order to put the books based on the category you have (the categories change per player and per time you do the puzzle).

Task 1: They're Flying Off the Shelves! - Go home, book! Are you too good for your home?!
This achievement is for putting all the books that do not belong on your bookshelf in the room it belongs to the left or right of your bookshelf.

Task 2: Son, I Am Disappoint - You literally could not be any more wrong.
You get this achievement if you have no books in the right place when you ring the bell to have them checked.

Task 3: First Time's the Charm - You blinded him with library science.
This achievement is for getting the books all in the right place the first time you try on fresh puzzle.

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