Saturday, December 11, 2010

Neopets Advent Calendar 2010: Day 11

Remember to visit Neopets every day in December, as the Advent Calendar in Happy Valley gives out a prize.

The prizes for the eleventh day of the Advent Calendar is 522 Neopoints, Kreludan Hannah Plushie, and Defenders Holiday Banner. Oh, and of course the Rod of Supernova gag that you get it and the Pant Devil steals it right away. Three days of plushies in a row must be making Plushie collectors very happy. Add that with another wearable and I am eagerly awaiting a prize day with book or at least food items.

The animation is an odd one of Hannah running past some robots and them not noticing because they are celebrating and then she goes back to stare at them and they finally turn to chase her.

Did you remember to claim today's prizes? What are your thoughts on the Advent Calendar today?

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