Friday, December 3, 2010

Neopets Advent Calendar 2010: Day 3

Remember to visit Neopets every day in December, as the Advent Calendar in Happy Valley gives out a prize.

The prizes for the third day of the Advent Calendar is 784 Neopoints, Festive Flower Arrangement, and Where is Bonju. Again an item tricked me and got me excited about being a neohome item and it is not. The Festive Flower Arrangement is actually a wearable item and I have not gotten interested in that aspect of Neopets, yet. The Where is Bonju was a good prize, though, as it is always nice to add books to the my Neopets read list.

The animation is a funny one with snow falling on a Blumaroo.

Did you remember to claim today's prizes? What are your thoughts on the Advent Calendar today?

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