Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Game and Challenge: Wrath of the Snowager

The newest Neopets game has come out along with the new game challenge. The new game is called Wrath of the Snowager.

Finally a new game. I cannot believe it has been three months since the last new game and challenge from Neopets. Overall I kind of like this new game. Basically you move the Snowager around to bump into the thief and then pick up the items he drops. However, you cannot hit anything else and that includes hitting the Snowager's tail, so it can be hard at times. Also, gets a little annoying trying to grab all the items dropped before the thief sucks them back in. It is not too hard to get the hang of it, though. Still frustrating that you do not keep your points until you beat a level and when you die you have to start the current level all over.

To get AAA's prize you must score 650,000. To get Abigail's prize you must score 12,000. As always by default you get Abigail's prize if you have not gotten it yet and first beat AAA's score. Prize for beating Abigail is Snowager Cookie.

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