Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Altador Cup V NC Challenge: MVP Bonus Prizes

Today I remember to check back on the NC Challenge to see if there were bonus prizes for beating all the challenges. I was pretty sure there were based on what the page said, but was not sure if they were released yet. They have been released.

The prizes for beating all the NC Challenges are the Altador Cup V MVP Medal and the Altador Cup NC Challenge Prize Pack. The Prize Pack has the following items in it: A Heros Welcome Background, Altador Cup V MVP Jersey, Altador Cup V MVP Skirt, and Altador Cup V MVP Cleats.

The NC Challenge was fun, but I really do not care about wearable items. I knew that is what I was getting from the start, but I doubt I will pay for Neocash to do a challenge again unless I am really bored. It would be nice if they started giving out things just for your NeoHome, though, as I would like to get back into decorating mine.

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