Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Altador Cup V Wrap Up

I am happy that this year my team Terror Mountain finished 9th. I am also happy I got All Star Rank. What I am sad about, though, is that I still did not earn enough prize shop points to get the best prize.

I got 24,012 points. I do not want the 40,000 point item (Pirate Paint Brush), but I do want the 20,000 point book as well as the 5,000 point stamp and the other books. I cannot even get the most expensive book and the stamp. To get everything I want (books, stamp, statues) is about 26,000, which is kind of annoyingly close to what I have. I am going to think on it and maybe just get the 20,000 point book and the little stuff and use Neopoints to get the stamp.

How you do this year in the Altador Cup? What are you getting in the prize shop? Anything you wish you had enough points to get in the prize shop?

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