Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Better Than You: Trouble at the National Neopian

This week's Better Than You features The Bank Manager. Below is his challenge statement.

"You want to catch criminals for the National Neopian? Aren't you a little... scrawny for this position? Seriously, you'd better just stick to a desk job and leave the heavy lifting and the apprehending of suspects to the professionals. No offense."

To beat him you must get 1,000 points in Trouble at the National Neopian.

Prize is Kau Print Desk for the 500 winners. Additionally, you get a Gold Trophy and 20,000 Neopoints if you are one of the first 10, Silver Trophy and 10,000 Neopoints if you are between the 11th and 50th, and a Bronze Trophy and 3,000 Neopoints if you are between 51st and 500th.

Good Luck to all and remember to comment and share your tips on this game to help other readers out.

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