Friday, September 3, 2010

New Game: Neopian Battlefield Legends

The newest Neopets game is called Neopian Battlefield Legends. This is a tower defense game, which is one of my favorite types of games to play online and one of the main things I play off of Neopets. Thus I am excited about this new Neopets game and already have enjoyed playing it. However, it is not a fixed path tower defense and the enemy path is partly based on where you put towers. Not horrible, but not my preferred way of playing.

So far there is not that many different maps to play, but it seems like a game they will be adding new maps to as they add more battles to relive. Right now there are already five maps in the Battle for Merridel, but two of them have to be unlocked as a Neocash purchase.

There are also some different towers to unlock as a Neocash purchase. I do not like them making games have unlockable things with Neocash it just is not fair to those that do not have money to waste on Neopets. The maps might not give an advantage in scoring, but I feel like the towers certainly do.

Overall I still think this is a great new Neopets game, especially since it is potentially going to end up with more maps to enjoy. At the same time it begins to add Neocash into the game area of Neopets in a way that does not just involve winning items, as it can potentially mess with the high score tables.

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