Saturday, October 17, 2009

Neopets Dailies: October 17, 2009 Edition

Below are the Neopets Dailies things that I personally like to do and my results from doing them today.. Some others have a longer list of Dailies and a few have shorter list. These are just the ones I like to do. I think it would fun for you to share your results as a comment. Also, please comment if you have other Neopets Dailies you like to do that I do not have listed.

Edna's Spooky Suprise - Enjoy your treat! Or was it a trick? You find an item! Halloween Eyeball Rice

Planet 51 - Lucky Stars

Shop of Offers - 50 Neopoints

Giant Omelette - Green Pepper Omelette

Giant Jelly - Poisonous Jelly

Bank Interest - 840 Neopoints

Fruit Machine - Congratulations!!! You have won 1000 Neopoints!

Coltzan's Shrine - You hear a high pitched scream, then it fades. Awww.. nothing happened :(

Fairieland Healing Springs - Healing Potion IV appears in her hand. She hands it to you... 'Use this wisely!'.

The Laboratory - KjerstiPenquin loses 3 strength points :(

Stock Market Portfolio - I only sell when my stock reaches at least 30 and then right away try to buy another 100 shares of something at 15. Today I did not have any shares worth selling.

Symol Hole - no name jumps out of the hole a few seconds later...Wasn't that fun? Maybe you can do the same tomorrow!

Deserted Tomb - OH NO!

Underwater Fishing - Cubical Sea Fungus!

Qasalan Expellibox - Oops! We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again.

Meteor Crashe 725-XZ Sit - Upsidown Tree

Snowager at 2pm NST - The Snowager moves slightly in its sleep.. you decide to run just in case it wakes up!

Tombola - .. and you don't even get a booby prize!

Grumpy Old King - Drat! It looks like your joke had no effect on the Grumpy Old King. You should try again tomorrow.

Wise Old King - Well, it could have been worse. King Hagan Says: I'm not dense, youngin'. I already knew that! Perhaps a bit of studying will help you before you return tomorrow.

Weltrude's Toy Chest - Congratulations! You've received the following prize! Fantastic Faellies

Adver Video - 800 NP, 800 NP, 600 NP, 600 NP, and 400 NP

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