Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Better Than You: Defender Trainer

This week's Better Than You features Korbat Defender. Below is his challenge statement.

"Oh! You startled me. I didn't see you come in. Er, I suppose you're here for the test. You want to be a Defender of Neopia, right? Oh, dear, where did I put the instructions... ah. Ahem. "Neopia needs YOU, but only if you can pass the test! Have you got fast reflexes, a keen eye, and nerves of steel?!?" *cough* Well, go on in, and good luck..."

To beat him you must get 510 points in Defender Trainer. I rock at this game and was able to be in the first ten to win. I am so excited to finally be able to beat the Better Than You (I have done it before, but it has been a while) and even more excited to for the first time ever get the Gold Trophy. Also, cool to get a stamp for my collection.

Prize is Commemorative Defenders Stamp #3 for the 500 winners. Additionally, you get a Gold Trophy and 20,000 Neopoints if you are one of the first 10, Silver Trophy and 10,000 Neopoints if you are between the 11th and 50th, and a Bronze Trophy and 3,000 Neopoints if you are between 51st and 500th.

Good Luck to all and remember to comment and share your tips on this game to help other readers out.

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