Friday, February 19, 2010

Daily Dare 2010: Day 9

Today's Daily Dare Challenge is Wheeler's Wild Ride. To beat AAA you need a score of 375 points and to beat Abigail you need a score of 40 points.

It did not take me too long to farm this game doing a bunch of nose wheelies at the beginning of the first level to be able to beat AAA's score. It really is not that hard to farm this game and beat AAA, although at first I was worried because I had forgot about farming it with the wheelie's. The prize for beating AAA is Wheelers Bike.

Contest Continues: Guess how long it will take until I cannot beat AAA. Include your Neopets name with your guess (must be before I post saying I could only beat Abigail). If you are right I will figure out some Neopets item to send you (probably a Codestone, but feel free to suggest a prize you want).

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