Saturday, May 29, 2010

Altador Cup V Achievement: Save 50 goals in Yooyuball

I just got my eighth Altador Cup V Achievement. It is called Save 50 goals in Yooyuball. The prize is Mystical White Cloak, which is a battledome magic item.

Achievements I Have Gotten:

1. Playing all four games at least one time
2. Win Five Yooyuball Matches
3. Play Shootout Showdown 40 times scoring a minimum of 5 goals each time
4. Score 50 Yooyuball goals in the first round
5. Score 10 goals with a Clockwork Yooyu
6. Score 100 goals with each offensive player
7. Win 10 Yooyuball games with 10 or more goals scored in each game
8. Save 50 goals in Yooyuball

List of Altador Cup V Achievements

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