Thursday, November 25, 2010

Game Master Challenge: Day 3 - Afraid of the Dark

1. Send Score Challenge - All Too Easy: Send your score in 15 different qualifying games.
Prize: Dark Villain Usuki Doll

2. Game Challenge - Did You Hear Something?: Get a score of 300 in Carnival of Terror
Prize: Managing Irrational Fears

3. Secret Challenge - Don't Forget to Bring Your Jacket: Scurry to avoid the scoops for a score of 3,600 in Ice Cream Machine
Prize: Most Delicious Ice Cream Ever

4. Random Challenge - Show Me the Money!: Visit a game page where the NP ratio is 0.2 or lower (Spellseeker works)
Prize: Floating Giant Neopoint Background

5. Theme Challenge - This Is Scary D: Score 95 in Ghost Bopper, Score 275 in Edna's Shadow, and Score 400 in Mutant Graveyard of Doom II
Prize: Bloodshot Eye Contacts

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