Friday, November 26, 2010

Game Master Challenge: Day 4 - Petpet Invasion

1. Send Score Challenge - No Sweat!: Send your score in 30 different qualifying games.
Prize: Game Master Challenge Stamp

2. Game Challenge - Do We Really Want to Be Feeding Them?: Get a score of 1,500 in Meepit Juice Break
Prize: Creepy Wind-Up Meepit

3. Secret Challenge - Let Me Get a Snack First: Munch your way to a score of at least 1,400 in Snowmuncher
Prize: Glass Full of Ice Cubes

4. Random Challenge - And I Did It Myyy Waaaaaay!: Play three qualifying flash games that are on your Favourites List
Prize: Old Fashioned Toy Microphone

5. Theme Challenge - It's Rainin' Petpets: Score 450 in Let it Slide, Score 350 in Meepit vs. Feepit, and Score 40,000 in Kookia
Prize: Meepit Umbrella


Anonymous said...


Basically, you need to max the plays for that specific game. So you need to play each of your three qualifying games 3 times!!!!!!!!!!!

Call me Anonymous1313...

wildcat1001 said...

Actually, they fixed the glitch and you only have to play three different games in your favorites lost once each.

Anonymous said...

What are some examples of the flash games?

wildcat1001 said...

Kass Basher, Extreme Potato Counter, Dubloon Disaster, Bouncy Supreme, etc. are all flash games. Games that are non-flash games are games like Pyramids and Scarab 21.