Saturday, November 27, 2010

Game Master Challenge: Day 5 - Meet Your Match

1. Send Score Challenge - Going for the Gold!: Send your score in 45 different qualifying Flash games.
Prize: Gold Mauket

2. Game Challenge - Help, I'm Seeing Double!: Get a score of 130 in Kiko Match II
Prize: Twin Kiko Plushies

3. Secret Challenge - I've Gone and Made a Mess...: Smash your way to a score of 1,500 in the beloved blockbuster game Destruct-o-match III.
Prize: Heavy Mallet

4. Random Challenge - But This Is Haaaaard :(: Play any qualifying flash game with a difficulty rating of 7 or more. (Dar-Blat!!! works, but it is darn near impossible in my opinion, Mutant Graveyard of Doom II also works and is easy to get some points to submit score and get this challenge complete)
Prize: A Tale of Tears

5. Silly Challenge - My Keyboard Smells Now :(: Using only one toe, score at least 150 in Turmac Roll
Prize: How to Deal With Strange Looks

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