Monday, November 29, 2010

Game Master Challenge: Day 7 - Better Watch Your Tail!

1. Send Score Challenge - More Amazing Than a Double Rainbow Across the Sky!: Send your score in 75 different qualifying Flash games
Prize: Double Rainbow Background

2. Game Challenge - Can I Have a Fish Negg? Pretty Please?: Get a score of 300 in Meerca Chase II
Prize: Eau de Fish Negg

3. Secret Challenge - What Does This Red Button Do?: Deposit a score of 400 or higher in Trouble at the National Neopian Bank
Prize: Garfir Bank

4. Random Challenge - World Class Gamer: Play a qualifying game from ten different Neopian lands. (Ex. Altador - Chariot Chase, Brightvale - Biscuit Brigade, Darigan Citadel - Darigan Dodgeball, Faerieland - Math's Nightmare, Haunted Woods - Ghost Bopper, Kiko Lake - Kiko Match II, Krawk Island - Barf Boat, Kreludor - Freaky Factory, Lost Desert - Sutek's Tomb, Maraqua - Jubble Bubble) Note: There is more than 10 lands, so this is just 10 lands and one game in each land.
Prize: Around the World in 10 Games

5. Theme Challenge - Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do!: Score 150 in Dubloon Disaster, Score 400 in Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway, and Score 350 in Stowaway Sting
Prize: Cover of Darkness Foreground

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