Sunday, November 28, 2010

Game Master Challenge: Day 6 - More Fun Than Saying, "Boing"

1. Send Score Challenge - Guys, My Finger's Really tired D:: Send your score in 60 different qualifying games.
Prize: Finger Splint

2. Game Challenge - It's Almost Hypnotic O.O: Get a score of 200 in Hasee Bounce
Prize: Look a Hasee!

3. Secret Challenge - Wait, This Doesn't Exist - Good luck getting a score of 400 in Bouncy Supreme
Prize: Jelly Blumaroo Plushie

4. Random Challenge - We Love Them All: Send a score in a qualifying game with two million or less plays (Nova Defender and The Haunted Shootery currently work for this), and one with over 20,000,000 plays (quite a few games work for this including Turmac Roll, Kass Basher, and Dubloon Disaster.)
Prize: GMC Nesting Dolls

5. Theme Challenge - No Thanks, I'm Stuffed: Score 150 in Feed Florg, Score 40 in Snowbeast Snackrifice, and Score 450 in Flycatcher
Prize: Fancy Kitchen Background

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