Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daily Dare 2011: Day 30 - Double Day Dare

Today's Daily Dare Challenge is Ugga Smash. To beat AAA you need a score of 500 points and to beat Abigail you need a score of 100 points.

Today is a Double Dare Day, so you get both the AAA and Abigail prize if you beat AAA's score and accepted the Double Dare challenge. I almost gave up on beating AAA, as I got frustrated after beating all 5 rounds three times and never being close to 500 because the Grarrl kept getting the guys before I had a chance to get points off them in the last half of the game. I almost settled for just Abigail's prize, as the wearable I would just sell anyways. However, I gave it one more try before deciding who to challenge based on the score and I lucked out and was able to get a 515 score.

The prize for beating AAA is Lava Puddle (wearable). The prize for beating Abigail is Turbo Steak Meat. The prize for completing the challenge on day of release is Ugga Ugg Times (book).

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