Friday, March 4, 2011

Daily Dare 2011: Day 4

Today's Daily Dare Challenge is Imperial Exam. To beat AAA you need a score of 825 points and to beat Abigail you need a score of 150 points.

This game is so easy for me to beat AAA at. I am glad it was a quick play today, so I can get other stuff done this morning instead of playing the Daily Dare for an hour, although Neopets is of course much more fun.

The prize for beating AAA is Imperial Exam Desk. The prize for beating Abigail is Imperial Guard Staff. The prize for completing the challenge on day of release is Beginners Spelling Scroll (a book).

Today is also a Team Challenge day. This means you can take on AAA or Abigail along with a Neofriend and if you both beat it you can get an extra prize. Do not worry if one of you fails, you still get the normal prize for beating AAA or Abigail. The team challenge prize for beating AAA is Framed Photograph of AAA and the prize for beating Abigail is AAA Host Cane.

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