Monday, May 2, 2011

Angry Interns: the pursuit of cake Review

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Looking for a different strategy game to try out, then you might enjoy playing Angry Interns: the pursuit of cake.  In this game is for Google Chrome, so you have to download the browser to play it if you do not already have it.  The concept of the game is interesting with you moving the interns to different departments to maximize your company's earnings.

The game is slightly entertaining, although the graphics are very blah.  The gameplay is not too much better, but partly because what you do is not entirely clear at the start.  It gets a little more fun once you figure it out, but it can also be annoying that the interns go back into the office when you want to move interns out of the office because you have to cross you mouse through the office to get to the other rooms or take a long way around the screen.

The game does have some potential of being entertaining.  The graphics could be more interesting or at least colorful, but really the main downside is the controls.  Of course, you also have to be into these types of games to like it even if improved.

Check out the video below to get more of a feel for what this game is all about.

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