Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Game and Challenge: S.M.E.L.T.

The newest Neopets game has come out along with the new game challenge. The new game is called S.M.E.L.T.

Finally a new game out and of course I miss noticing it since it has been 3 months since last new game and I have not been paying much attention to Neopets lately. After playing, though, I do not feel like I have missed out on much.

Basically you just place the different pieces to be cut from the sheet of metal. It is pretty easy at first, but it gets complicated because of the stupid small time limit pretty fast. This might be fun if there were levels of difficulty or even a zen mode, but as is the time limits make this game too annoying too fast.

I did manage to beat AAA, but it was extremely frustrating. It would be nice if smelting did not cost time and instead cost points. Or even if there was just a key to tap for activating smelt and no time wasted trying to get to the smelt with the mouse. Also, turning seems useless because it takes so long for the things to rotate.

To get AAA's prize you must score 3,000. To get Abigail's prize you must score 500. As always by default you get Abigail's prize if you have not gotten it yet and first beat AAA's score. The prize for beating Abigail is Toasted Gear Cookies. The prize for beating AAA is Handy Dandy Magnifying Glass (wearable).

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