Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bored of Neopets? Playing Loreaon Might be Fun Break from Neopets

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I love Neopets, but I get tired of it sometimes, as the release of new games and features that are interactive can be few and far between.  Thus, I like to try out other video games and online games, especially if they are free to join like Loreaon.  It is not a quick flash game like most of what is on Neopets, but it is similar to Neopets as a whole in that it is a MMORPG, so a community, too, but more totally game focused.

Loreaon is a free online game that you play in your browser, which I like because I use a Mac and non-browser MMORPG and mostly not an easy option.  It is a weapon/fighting RPG, so probably not suited for many younger Neopets fans, but good for Neopets fans growing up and looking for something more complex and entertaining.  The more complex aspect is a good thing if you are into that kind of gaming (and I am at times).

Games like Loreaon certainly lets you have more long term goals for a specific game than the flash games of Neopets, although it is not quite as varied so it might not keep my interest in the long run.  In at least the short term, though it makes a fun break from Neopets when I am waiting for some new game or site event to happen (Altador Cup coming soon!!!).

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