Thursday, May 26, 2011

Which Team Are You Supporting for Altador Cup VI?

Choose Your Team for Altador Cup VILess than a week until Altador Cup VI starts up and about a day into signing up for the team you want to support. I am again going to support Terror Mountain. I know the team tends to stink, but Terror Mountain is my favorite area of Neopets. I am hoping that we can stay out of the last bracket this year and maybe even make it into the top half.

Of course, winning it would be awesome, but I think that is kind of reaching too far. I know I will at least do my best to support my team and be as active as I have time for.  However, now that you can only use the keyboard and not the mouse for Yooyuball, I doubt I will play it much, as it is not worth the frustration of the crappy keyboard controls.

What team are you supporting this year? Same as last year or different? How do you think your team will do? Who Will Win this year?

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