Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Game Guide and Review: Wrath of the Snowager

Wrath of the Snowager is a pretty simple game.  You basically just use the right and left arrow keys to move the Snowager around to collect the items dropped until you have them all for the level.  The tricky part is you cannot touch the walls or your tail.  During the levels random power ups (and downs) appear.

You can eventually get all the items without hitting the Chia, but you get him to drop more if you run into him.  You can also use space to send an icy blast and freeze the Chia to more easily end up ramming him, although I personally find that more hassle than its worth and I can easily end up getting him to drop items without using icy blasts.

Bad Pick Ups
  • Lose Loot (red and -5 on it) - This pick up makes you drop 5 loot items.
  • Slow Down (red and down arrow) - This makes you go slower.
Good Pick Ups
  • Speed Boost (green and up arrow) - This makes you faster.  To some extent it is good, but I kind of do not like it because then you also have less time to avoid walls and such.  However, it does make hitting the Chia easier.
  • Icy Blast (green and snowflake symbol) - This gives you an extra icy blast ammo.
  • Attract Loot (green and whirlpool symbol) - This makes all dropped loot come towards you.  I love this for picking up whatever is lying around without having to go around search for it.
  • Freeze Thief (green and ice cube) - Basically does like icy blast, except you do not have to aim and get the Chia with the icy blast.
  • More Loot (green and sack symbol) - Makes the thief drop more loot for you to try and pick up.
  • Score Multiplier (green and x2 or other # symbol) -   Multiples your score by number on bubble.
  • Extra Lives (green and heart) - Gives you an extra life.
Overall I like this game, but it can also get boring with you going in circles to get all the dropped items.  It certainly is not a complex game and that can be a downside, but it is also an upside in it being something easy to play and not too frustrating.  At the same time, though, the levels can take a while, so it is not exactly a game to play because it is easy and you want to waste only a little bit of time playing.  However, you can easily just play the first level on Hard, quit, and get the max 1,000 Neopoints per play.

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