Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Game Master Challenge 2009: Day 8

1. 3 Times Challenge
It seems there simply weren't enough doughnutfruits in Mystery Island to keep Woogy and Jimmi happy, so they packed up their seesaw and hit the road. Tally a total of greater than 850 in the Meridellian version of this popular game.
*Seems you can get this by just sending 1 score of over 850 in Super Hasee Bounce.
Prize: Grinning Sloth Stamp

2. Non-Game Challenge
Sooo many games have been added to the Neopets site over the past decade that rating 20 of the qualifying flash variety to complete this challenge should be no problem, right?
Prize: Dr Sloth Collectables

3. Secret Challenge
Gather enough spinning spheres in the Neopian night sky to turn in this score or more in this pirouetting puzzle game.
*Score over 3,600 in Spinacles
Prize: Spinacle Thought Bubble

4. Petpet Challenge
It'll take a steady hand to keep Captain Arf from losing both his crew and his lunch in this rollicking Krawk Island game. Conquer the seas with a score of 400 or more. (Barf Boat)
Prize: Anti-Sea Sick Pills

5. Many Games Challenge
At last, the final challenge! You've gotten all this way... no time to quit now! To put this challenge away, send scores for 85 qualifying games.
Prize: Almost Big Book of Slothy Recipes

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