Sunday, December 13, 2009

Neopets Advent Calendar 2009: Day 13

Don't forget to visit the Neopets Advent Calendar today for your prize.

Day 13 of the Advent Calendar features a kind of cute animation of Rosie the Grarrl dancing for King Skarl.

Today's prizes include 554 Neopoints. The item prizes include a Dancing Rosie Doll. This is an okay item if you are into doll items. The other is a Chocolate Throne. This is a food item.

Did you remember to claim today's prizes? What are your thoughts on the Advent Calendar today?


Fl├╝ge Bangkok said...

No, no, no. This can't happen. I don't remember getting this prices. I missed a day! And I was so careful to check every day! Now I need to buy the prizes (for my collection). Isn't there also a special Bonus for getting every day? I don't remember from last year.

wildcat1001 said...

In the over 8 years I have been on Neopets I do not remember there ever being anything special for claiming the Advent Calendar prize every day. I think just the Planet 51 thing had the end bonus, which was not even all that spectacular in the end.