Monday, December 7, 2009

Neopets Advent Calendar 2009: Day 7

Don't forget to visit the Neopets Advent Calendar today for your prize.

Day 7 of the Advent Calendar has an animation that is not animated at all. It is a kind of fun image related to the recent plot, but it would be way cooler if it at least had some animation. Sorry, but I have come to expect daily animated images from the Advent Calendar. I do not think that is too unrealistic to expect.

Today's prizes include 733 Neopoints. The item prizes include a Roxtons Mug of Hot Chocolate. It is an okay looking cup of hot chocolate. Sure makes me want to go to the kitchen and make some to warm up with for myself. At least I can drink the hot chocolate I make, as this item cannot even be fed to your Neopets. Glitch??? The other is a Moltara Christmas Tree. This is a cool inventive industrial style tree for the Neohome.

I am even happier with the calendar today because I got a Winter Random Event that gave me a Snow Mudball.

Did you remember to claim today's prizes? What are your thoughts on the Advent Calendar today?

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