Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Neopets Advent Calendar 2009: Day 2

Don't forget to visit the Neopets Advent Calendar today for your prize.

Today I notice the whole Advent Calendar page has gotten a new look. There is a Winter Wonderfest Navigation on top. This relates to them launching Winter Wonderfest, which is an area with Neopets holiday stuff, such as the Neopets Advent Calendar, the new Stocking Stuffer Neocash thing, a link to Key Quest, a link to Terror Mountain, gift tags, Winter Greetings, and Winter Games. Really not all that spectacular, unless you are into Neocash items, which the Stocking Stuffer thing is interesting for.

The image for Day 2 of the Advent Calendar is somewhat more interesting than yesterday's, as it does have snow falling. The prizes are not that interesting to me, though. The prizes are 713 Neopoints (not bad), Shell Hairbow (I don't care for), and
Coral Recorder (what to do with this?).

Did you remember to claim today's prizes? What are your thoughts on the Advent Calendar today?

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