Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Game and Challenge: Nova Battle

The newest Neopets game has come out along with the new game challenge. The new game is called Nova Battle. This is a pretty simple game control wise as you just have to move around the Nova and avoid being hit while also hitting the enemies. There are three difficulty levels. I found them all easy at first, but they all get hard by the end with of course the harder ones getting hard faster. It is not really all that exciting, though.

To get AAA's prize you must score 300,000. To get Abigail's prize you must score 40,000. As always by default you get Abigail's prize if you have not gotten it yet and first beat AAA's score. I easily beat Abigail my first try when I played Easy. The prize for beating Abigail is Star Light Hair Gel. It took me a few tries of trying all difficulties to beat AAA. I was finally able to do it by nearly beating all 10 levels on Normal difficulty. I could not last long enough in Hard or score enough in Easy to do it. The prize for beating AAA is Nova Toilet.

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