Saturday, June 26, 2010

Altador Cup Stats Update June 26, 2010

I am exactly on track for my plan to get to Rank 20. However, that means I have to do 100 points tomorrow and I am kind of burnt out and might just not care anymore about Rank 20. It kind of depends on if I can find anything else to do tomorrow to entertain myself.

Rank:Level 17

Goals Scored 13,439
Goals by Prytariel 11,610
Goals by Rinok Fitel 385
Goals by Evrem Guilako 960
Goals by Osielle Lidel 484
Saves by Minae Mitora 297
Number of Wins 1,322
Number of Draws 0
Number of Losses 0

Slushie Slinger
Games Played 217
Top Score 678

Make Some Noise
Games Played 1,027
Top Score 8,251

Shootout Showdown
Games Played 1,611
Top Score 1,200

Feel free to comment with your current Altador Cup V stats and root for whatever team you are supporting. Just no bashing other teams.

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