Thursday, June 24, 2010

Improve Your Neopets Website/Blog with Search Engine Optimization

While my Neopets Gaming blog is mostly just for fun and a hobby, I also like to try to get more traffic and earn a little from it. Search Engine Optimization is one of those things I know I should be doing a better job at if I really want to make my blog more successful, but I do not always find the time for. The wide range of things involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be quite overwhelming and a full time job in itself leaving little time for actually posting it seems at times. Sometimes I think maybe it is worth hiring those companies that will help do it for you. It could be a worthwhile investment if it meant more traffic, which could lead to better earnings, and it leaves me more free to post as I like.


Stephen Ross said...

SEO certainly is something you should look into if you want your blog to rise up in the Google ranks. However, don't spend money on it if you're not expecting to make any money back. In other words, you need to be serious about turning your blog/website into a business, not just a hobby.

Anonymous said...

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