Saturday, June 19, 2010

Altador Cup V Stat Update June 19, 2010

Fell behind on my goal today, as I did not play much at all. Tomorrow I probably will not have enough time to get back on track. Monday I might be able to, but there are other non-Neopets things I neglected this weekend, too, so those will probably get priority over Altador Cup. Current goal is to get back on track by Tuesday night.

Rank: Level 14

Goals Scored 9,157
Goals by Prytariel 7,782
Goals by Rinok Fitel 312
Goals by Evrem Guilako 733
Goals by Osielle Lidel 330
Saves by Minae Mitora 240
Number of Wins 911
Number of Draws 0
Number of Losses 0

Slushie Slinger
Games Played 201
Top Score 678

Make Some Noise
Games Played 977
Top Score 8,251

Shootout Showdown

Games Played 1,278
Top Score 1,200

Feel free to comment with your current Altador Cup V stats and root for whatever team you are supporting. Just no bashing other teams.

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