Thursday, June 3, 2010

Altador Cup V NC Challenge: Substitute

This morning I noticed the next level of Neocash Challenges were available. They were all very easy for me. Now to wait for the next level of the challenges to be released.

Substitute Challenges

Challenge 1: Slushie Slinger - Score 250 Points.
Prize: Altador Cup V Neck Towel

Challenge 2: Shootout Showdown - Score 10 Goals in 2 Games.
Prize: Altador Cup V Golden Hair Bow

Challenge 3: Yooyuball - Score 1 Goal with Regular Yooyu.
Prize: Altador Cup V Uniform Shorts

Challenge 4: Make Some Noise - Score 5000 Points in 2 or more games.
Prize: Steam Shower

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