Friday, June 18, 2010

Altador Cup V NC Challenge: Team Captain

The next round of NC Challenges are now up.

Team Captain Challenges

Challenge 1: Make Some Noise - Score 6000 Points in 2 or more games.
Prize: Altador Cup Tiara

Challenge 2: Slushie Slinger - Score 400 Points in 2 or more games.
Prize: Slushie Slinger Table Top

Challenge 3: Yooyuball - Win 1 Game.
Prize: Altador Colosseum Background

Challenge 4: Shootout Showdown - Score 20 Goals in 4 Games.
Prize: Altador Cup Masters Blazer

Bonus: Yooyuball - Score 1 Goal with Fire Yooyu.
Prize: Garland of Yooyus

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