Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Game Master Challenge 2009: Day 2

1. Lands Challenge
This prehistoric land gained its independence in Y3. Tally a score of 500 or higher in its smashingly successful boulder-clearing game. (Destruct-o-Match III)
Prize: Brucey B Biography

2. Petpet Challenge
Y3 marked the arrival of a mischievous lot of long-tailed pranksters.
* Round up a score of 100 or higher in a game featuring this species that's sure to have you seeing red. (Meerca Chase II)
* Capture trophies while avoiding the Lyins on your way to a score of 150 or greater in this game of brotherly larceny. (The Great Qasalan Caper)
Prize: Coltzan Negg

3. 3 Times Challenge
Send three scoops, er, scores of 600 or higher in this sponsored game. (Littlest Pet Shop Crazy Cones)
*Note: For non-USA players you have to score over 1,700 three times in Pterattack.
Prize: Paper Pteri Toy

4. Secret Challenge
Everyone will be pulling for you as you attempt to take down enough challengers to amass this unknown score in this game set in the Lost Desert, which happens to have been discovered in Y3.
Score at least 500 points in Tug 'O' War
Prize: Tugging for War

5. Many Games Challenge
Okay, a little tougher this time around. Your new task is to submit a score on... wait for it... 10 qualifying challenge games! How will you ever manage?!?
Prize: Dr Sloth Poster

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