Monday, November 16, 2009

Send Your Scores 10 times a Day Today For Real - Sort Of

Yesterday the Birthday thing on Neopets said you would be able to send scores 10 times, but it only let you send scores 5 times. Today, though, you can actually send 10 times per game. I am off to try for at least 100k from game playing today. 20k is going to come just from Kass Basher since it is the Double Neopoint game today.

Update: Okay, so I just saw the 0/10 score sends on the game page and thought it was fixed, but it is still glitchy. Only some games naturally let you do it according to the boards. Kass Basher said I had reached my limit after only 2 score sends, which is totally messed up. You can get all 10 score sends if you enter the World Challenge. It does cost 100 NP, but if you can get 1,000 (i.e. 2,000 as Double Neopoint Game) each play then you can get 16,000 by doing the trick to actually be able to play the 10 times you should just automatically be able to do.

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