Friday, November 27, 2009

Game Master Challenge 2009: Day 4

1. Non-Game Challenge
Back on the 19th day of Celebrating in Y5, Neopians were given a greater voice with regard to site games when this feature was added. Make a suggestion using this feature for two qualifying games.
*Rate two games. You just have to select number rating. You do not have to select feedback reason or type in the box.
Prize: The Secret of Tagobo

2. Secret Game Challenge
Interest in the study of molecular structures was compounded in Y5, thanks to this game. Complete the challenge by building a solid score in this creepy Haunted Woods puzzle game.
Score at least 350 points in Chemistry for Beginners
Prize: Chemistry Candy Set

3. Lands Challenge
Some claim that a land made entirely of jelly made its wobbly way into Neopia during Y5. Those who make such a preposterous claim would also have you believe that this challenge can be completed by submitting a very real score of 300 in this game. (Bouncy Supreme)
Prize: Jelly Hand Mirror

4. 3 Times Challenge
Skate and refuel to a score of 2500 in this sponsor game. (BodyByMilk Skateboard Refuel)
*Note for non-USA player you have to score 650 three times in Advert Attack.
Prize: Tombola Tips

5. Many Games Challenge
By now you probably think that you've gotten the hang of this whole "submit scores for X number of qualifying games" thing. Oh yeah? Well how about this one: submit 30 qualifying game scores! Ahh... not so easy now, is it?
Prize: Green Uni Morphing Potion

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