Saturday, November 28, 2009

Game Master Challenge 2009: Day 5

1. Lands Challenge
Neopia's moon was discovered during the month of Hunting in Y6. Can you complete this out-of-this-world challenge?
* Rearrange the rocks till you've cracked enough codes to get 500 points or more. (Time Tunnel)
* Help the Grundo astronaut avoid obstacles while flying in circles to reach a score of 75 or higher. (Lost in Space Fungus)
Prize: Puzzles of Space

2. Heroes & Villians Challenge
Two Y6 games included the pairing of a Cybunny on vacation and a Grundo revolutionary.
* Help this duo dodge a fleet of Virtupets Fighters and achieve a score of at least 400. (Escape to Kreludor)
* Next, get at least 800 points while helping this pair gather the parts of their ship so they can leave Kreludor. (Moon Rock Rampage)
Prize: Lord Darigan Stamp

3. Petpet Challenge
In Y6, a magnificent invention known as the Juice-O-Matic made its debut, delivering tasty Juppie Juice to grateful Meepits throughout Neopia. Get a score of 2700 or greater while giving the Meepits their juice, or face the possibility of getting your face bitten... (Meepit Juice Break)
Prize: Turtum

4. 3 Times Challenge
Help CinnaMon™ in his quest to find Apple™ by sending a score of 60 or greater for this game whose sponsor goes great with milk! (Apple Jacks Recovery)
*For non-USA player the score to send 3 times is over 300 in Tyrannian Mini Golf.
Prize: Golf Clubs with Fuzzy Covers

5. Many Games Challenge
Just when you thought you'd exhausted your ability to send qualifying game scores... ha HA, another challenge! This time, send scores for 40 qualifying games.
Prize: Taelia Doll

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